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How to hack a trial version software and use for a lifetime

Thousands of software are being developed in this computer world, Most of these softwares are used in our desktops and laptops to hasten our activities in our field of work and our personal life. Most of these software comes for free, some are open source and also some are paid for.

Trial version softwares  those softwares that gives you a period of time to enjoy the software and hence, requires money so that you can have the full software access without restrictions. At most 30-60 day trial  is given.

But, do you know? you can actually use these free trial version software for free without paying a penny to any organization. Continue to reading the steps below and discover how you can use trial version software for a lifetime.

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How to hack a trial version software and use for a lifetime

We'll be making use of a software named 'RunAsDate' in this article to explain how you can hack any trial version software out there. RunAsDate allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify.
1. Firstly you need to download RunAsDate tool from HERE(32bit/64).
2. Now, install any software with trial of your choice on your computer, run the trial software and note down the date of installation.
3. Launch RunAsDate tool and input the  date and time of the installation of the trial software.
4. After exceeding the trial version date, do not directly launch the software anymore.
5. Now, launch the tool and create a shortcut of the software using the tool or anytime you want to run the trial software, right click run as and then select RunAsDate there.

That’s it, now the trial date will get injected to that software by this tool and you can access the software as long as you want.

Important notice: Whenever ever you want to use any trial version software, either you run it through the shortcut created in the above tool or use the run as. Otherwise this trick will not work.

If you've followed the above steps correctly, then everything should work fine for you. Kindly share with your friends if you find this article useful. Thanks
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WhatsApp has activated real-time location sharing feature for users, achieving equal feats with the likes of Google Maps and Facebook which also enables location sharing feature for specific duration.

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It was announced that users of its iOS and Android app will have the option to share their live location with family and friends for a specific period of time. Live location sharing however can be turned off prematurely even before the set time.

Previously, WhatsApp introduced status,  allowing user to share feelings, thoughts on a texted based  format and  also via multimedia content which can be viewed and saved by WhatsApp contacts. They also allowed sharing location as a stationary spot on a map. Now, with the newest update which is available on PlayStore, when users opt-in to Live Location, friends can see their location on the map, which automatically updates as they move.

Location information is not revealed to the everyone like a status, it is can only be shared in conversations.

Here's how to activate Live Location

1. Open up any chat.
2. Go to the Attach button and select Location.
3. A new option for "Share Live Location" will appear, allowing you to share your location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours.
4. Tap on Send, and your location on a map will be live.
Only those in a chat can see it. If multiple people are sharing where they're at, each person's location will be visible on one map.

This will help family members to trust that their children, wife, husband, friends are safe. WhatsApp says its new feature is “a simple and secure way to let people know where you are”.
Locations are end-to-end encrypted – like the messages, photos, videos and files you send within WhatsApp. Hence,the feature is not a stalking and monitoring feature and it will rather build trust n confidence in most cases.
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Note that live location cannot be turned on unconsciously and whenever a threat is perceived, you can turn it off. So there are no insecurity issues. Don't forget to share
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MIUI V8_XTRV_7.6.8 Gr-(GLOBAL-STABLE) ROM is a highly optimized custom ROM that delivers 100%  performance on any Android device. The ROM is completely lag free and you can enjoy playing favorite fps games without any problem. Special credits to Ahmed Sayed who has been taking he's time to port ROMs for Infinix X507.


  • New - Reminders for complex schedules (work shifts, weekly courses, etc.) 
  • New - Introducing Screen recorder
  • Optimization - Layout adjustments for shared photos
  • System
  • Optimization - Minimized performance issues caused by the background CPU activity
  • Fix - UC, Alipay, and Taobao FC issues
  • Gallery
  • New - Custom groups for albums with people 
  • New - Pausing ongoing backups 
  • Screen Recorder
  • New - Introducing Screen recorder 
  • Market
  • Optimization - Issues with automatic updates while connected to a personal hotspot
  • Calendar
  • New - Reminders for complex schedules (work shifts, weekly courses, etc.)
  • Notes
  • Optimization - Layout adjustments for shared photos
  • Mi Wallet
  • New - Support for Postal Savings Bank
  • New - Prompts about switching transport cards according to the current location 
  • New - Double tap the Home button after the device is unlocked to trigger a card 
  • Optimization - Font issues in the Notification shade when adding a transport card
  • Optimization - Lingnan cards
  • Optimization - Improvements for Shenzhen cards 
  • Optimization - Unified design for transactions 
  • Fix - Issues with transport cards and fingerprints
  • Fix - Issues with the order of bank cards
  • Fix - Double tapping the Home button didn't work
  • Fix - UI issues during withdrawals
  • ======================================
  • What's work?
  • All features working fine, if you found some bugs please fix it by your self :)
  • ======================================
  • Features:
  • All Language Supports
  •   Emulated Storage
  • Lag free ROM
  • Pre rooted
  • added DOLBY SOUND mode
  • No overlapping icon
  • ZRAM activated
  • Include SuperSU
  • Added init.d support
  • Added swap
  • More explore by yourself
  • ROM OS Version :4.4.2
  • ChipSet : MT6582
  • Kernel : 3.4.67
  • Based On :MIUI.Gr(by greece devs)
  • SOURCE: https://xiaomi-miui.gr/community/wsif/index.php/Entry/5960-7-6-8-Xiaomi-Redmi-Note-3G-WCDMA/

#1. This ROM supports only 4 languages , thanks to Manjunath Yashu for adding all languages manually to framework, but some languages are not supported... we'll provide patch shortly......
#2. Light mode do not apply, don't toggle the option

MIUI.Gr devs (Greece devs)
Santy Safitri 
Коля Адамс

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Nova Launcher is a highly customizable home screen manager and one of the best alternatives to Google pixel launcher. Nova launcher aims at adopting features from the stock Google pixel launcher and providing more customization options which are not available on Pixel launcher. 

Google had adopted a new look in its Pixel launcher, adding the popular search bar in the dock section of it recent update and many other features, some of which hasn't been included in Nova launcher

What's new ?

  • Searchbar in dock (Nova Settings - Dock - Searchbar in dock - Above or Below Icons)
  • Android 8.1 style popup menu (Nova Settings - Look and Feel - Popup menu - Blocks)
  • Adaptive icon animations during drag and drop
  • Improved speed of applying a new adaptive icon shape or icon theme
  • Lots of under the hood fixes and optimizations

Nova launcher has also brought many Oroe features like the block pop-up menu style and drop target(shows position of icon when dragging from one point to the other). This beta 3 version of Nova launcher-5.5 may be unstable due to the current beta state. You can choose to wait until final release of the app and then update from PlayStore. But, if you wish to try out the new features of Nova launcher now, sign up to become a beta tester in PlayStore and then update your app.

How to make Nova launcher look like Pixel 2 launcher

1. Setting up in "Desktop" Settings

The first option in Nova launcher settings is the best "Desktop" settings. We're going to tweak this option to disable the app label, adjust padding and turn of page indicator to give it Pixel 2 launcher feel. In Nova launcher "Desktop" settings, apply the following.. 

  • Desktop Grid: Change this to 5 rows by 4 columns. Tap “Done.”
  • Icon Layout: Change the size to 120% and disable the "Label" option.
  • Width Padding: Set this to “Medium.”
  • Height Padding: Set this to “Medium.”
  • Search Bar Style: Select the white oval (i.e. the first option under "Bar Style"). Scroll down to "Logo Style" and select the colored "G" logo.
  • Scroll Effect: Set this to "Simple". Then tap "Done".
  • Page Indicator: Set this to "None."

2. Customising App & Widget Drawers

Head to App & widget drawer which is the second option in Nova Launcher Settings. We're going to enable the "Swipe up" gesture to open the app drawer as seen in Pixel 2 launcher. Navigate to App & widget drawer menu and change the following...

  • Drawer App Grid: Set to your desired, depending on your screen res but to make it simple use 5 rows by 5 columns. 
  • Icon Layout: Change the size to 120% and set the Label to “Condensed." Tick the bar to turn on "Single Line."
  • Frequently Used Apps: Toggle this On.
  • App Drawer: Set this to “Vertical.”
  • Card Background: Turn this off.
  • Swipe to Open: Toggle this On.
  • Swipe Indicator: Toggle this On.
  • Background: Make this white and set the Transparency to 0%. 
  • Enable Fast Scrollbar: Toggle this On.
  • Scroll Accent Color: Set it to teal (it’s the first option in the fourth row).
  • Search Bar: Toggle this On.
  • Scroll Effect: Set this to “Simple.” Then tap “Done.”

3. Tweaking Dock Settings

Now, in the dock settings we'll be adding Pixel docked search bar features and make our home screen look a lot more like Pixel.

  • Dock Background: Set the "Transparency" to 100%
  • Dock pages should be set at 1
  • Search bar in dock: place below icons

4. Adding Pixel Folders

One of the features of Pixel launcher I like a lot is the grid folder. We can equally get a pixel like look by settings the folder properties in nova launcher folder section as below.

  • Folder Preview: Set this to “Grid.”
  • Folder Background: Set this to “Pixel Launcher.”
  • Background: Set this to white, with a Transparency of 0%.
  • Icon Layout: Change the size to 120% and change the Label to “Condensed.". Tick the bar to turn on "Single Line."

5. Styling the Look & Feel

In the Look & feel section we'll be doing some tweaks. This section of the app actually deals with styling your icons...

  • Adaptive Icons: Toggle this On.
  • Adaptive Icon Shape: Set this to "Rounded" (Default).
  • Mask Legacy Icon: Toggle this On.
  • Pop-up menu style: Block 8.1 Oreo
  • Drop target: enable

If you're not running lollipop and above, then the above option won't be available. So, alternatively you can use Pixel icon pack to get the rounded icons. Once you've installed pixel icon pack, head into the "Look & Feel" menu in Nova settings and do as below...
  • Icon Theme: Choose "Pixel Icon Pack."

6. Apply dots in Notification Badge

Lastly, we'll be adding Oreo style notification bar. On Nova settings main page, scroll down and select Notifications. You'll find three options but we're concerned of the dots.

  • Change The Style: Set this to "Dots."
  • Position and Size: Select your preferred position and set the size to large.
Useful Tips: In the settings option, locate night mode and then enable it. Set the mode to automatic and enable all options below(folder,icon, drawer etc)

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Presenting MIUI ROM for Infinix Note 3Pro. MIUI is a stock and aftermarket firmware for smartphones based on Google Android OS. MIUI 9 V 7.10.12 for Infinix Note 3 Pro is cool, has a good battery management. MIUI 9 V7.10.12 for Infinix Note 3 Pro is based on Android Mashmallow

Note: This ROM should be flash on 3GB Variant of Infinix Note 3 Pro

MIUI 9 China Developer ROM V7.10.12 For Infinix Note 3 Pro
  • Changelog:

  • Highlights

  • New - Erase lines and objects while editing photos (10-11)
  • Optimization - Hide free and incompatible themes in the list of the purchased items(10-10)

  • System
  • Optimization - Extended copy for Pocket mode (10-11)
  • Fix - In some cases, can not open the NFC problem (09-28)

  • Phone
  • Optimization - Vibration no longer affects the features which reduce ringer volume when the phone is lifted or flipped to silence (10-10)

  • Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
  • Optimization - Swiping options are available after turning off the notifications filter (09-27)
  • Fix - Screen didn't light up for the SMS notifications (09-27)

  • Home screen
  • Fix - Wallpapers weren't fully shown after entering Second space (09-27)

  • Themes
  • Optimization - Hide free and incompatible themes in the list of the purchased items (10-10)
  • Optimization - Themes prompt about connecting to the internet when it's required (10-12)

  • Gallery
  • New - Erase lines and objects while editing photos (10-12)

Navigation bar not working. Use quick ball to manage your navigation key. To enable quick ball, go-to settings >> additional settings >> enable quick ball.

  • #AMD
  • Irma Nasre(Porting to Note 3 Pro)
  • Miui Devs
  • XDA

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Get 10x bonus for calls and data on Airtel network
Airtel launches mouthwatering bonus offer the 'SMART RECHARGE' A.K.A 'do anyhow'.
Airtel smartrecharge is a new offer from Airtel NG that gives you 10 times more on your recharge for voice and data. Airtel smart recharge is nothing or a little just like Airtel smart connect 2.0 that gives 6x bonus on the amount you recharge because Smart recharge offers way too much. 10x more airtime and (The part i love most) data.

Smart recharge is also not limited to a particular tariff or for new sims only unlike airtel smart connect2.0. How can you possibly resist an offer like this?
Get 10x bonus for calls and data on Airtel network
Recharge N100 , you’ll get N500 for calls and N500 for data. A recharge of N200 will give you N1000 for calls and N1000 for data.

N500 recharge give N2000 for calls , N3000 for data plus extra N3000 for data. While N1000 recharge will give you a whooping N2500 for calls, N7500 for data plus extra N7500 for data. The more you load the more bonuses you get for calls and data.

Yeah, for real. All sims are eligible, no threshold for qualifications or whatever.

How Can I Get Airtel Super Recharge?

Its simple and easy! Dial *220*Rechargepin# and check balance by dialing *123#
This offer is open to new and existing subscribers on the Airtel network.
Bonus remains valid for 7days.

#doanyhow with your own jere!!!